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HarmonyOS: Huawei Announces Android Replacement

The long anticipated HarmonyOS(Operating system) has been announced during the company’s yearly developers conference, which started off today being the 9th of august 2019. This took place in china, as already declared this operating system will be known as HongmengOS. It was made very clear that the HongmengOS will support a wide variety of applications, […]

WhatsApp Update: 3 Amazing Features Rolling In

Here are the new WhatsApp update that rolled in during the week, with the latest trends going around the globe about how Facebook Sets to Re-brand Instagram and WhatsApp, we are sure to expect more updates flooding in. WhatsApp lately presented another update through the TestFlight Beta Program, bringing the adaptation up to I […]

The New 100GB and 10GB Bonus Data via AIRTEL Home Broadband

Earlier this week, the swift telecommunications company AIRTEL announced the roll out of a new broadband connectivity across the nation. This new data offer has been designed to deepen broadband connectivity in homes and offices. According to AIRTEL, the launch of the product is keyed to the expansion and modernization of the 4G network, which […]

RansomWare Alert: Android devices are under Attack!

If you have ever encountered a Malware or tried to delete or stop a virus spread, you will understand how agonizing to get hit by a virus/malware is, no matter how small the effect. These programs could be sitting silently on your device waiting for the right time to activate. Many of these malware are […]

Matrix returns to theaters for the 20th Anniversary Exclusives

Do you remember the Matrix movie from 1999? Well, it’s back and better, the new matrix movie is said to feature in theaters all around the Country to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sci-Fi classics. If you have never seen the movie, here’s a quick brush through for you. Matrix is a science fiction which […]

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