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GBWhatsApp sets to Shutdown Finally this Month

The popular third party WhatsApp client sets to shutdown it's services before the end of the month. This came as a shocking news to all those who favors GBWhatsApp to the original WhatsApp. If you do not know about GBWhatsApp and will want to find out what the famous GBWhatsApp is all about, you can find out more by clicking on the link below. GBwhatsapp: All You Need To Know The bad news for some, was publicized by the actual developers of the application via their official Telegram channel. According to the…

Facebook sets to incorporate Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was said to have reported in the New York Times about a personal project he’s supposedly embarking on. He said the plan was to combine the messaging services available on Instagram, whatsapp and Facebook messenger, so that messages could be sent and delivered between these different platforms. Although the three messengers would still retain their stand alone applications, they would be connected on a much deeper level. Read Also WhatsApp (Beta): Get updated features before anyone…

WhatsApp (Beta): Get updated features before anyone else

As we all know WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app which is readily available to many operating systems, such as the android platform, ios , windows phone and also to the PC users via WhatsApp web. Updates to this app comes quite often, but how do we get to be in the forefront? To be aware of these updates before anyone does? That is exactly what this post is all about. Introducing WhatsApp Beta If you are conversant with user testing, you will be quite aware that before any app is launched on the World Wide Web,…

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